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Retirement news and analysis

From MarketWatch:

How to fire a financial adviser: Pull the rip cord and don’t look back: Need to move on from your financial adviser? This is how you can do it.?

Paid off your mortgage? Be careful — you’re at risk of title theft: The scam may not be the most common, but it does shed light on the need to protect sensitive documents and assets.

You may live to be 100: What that means for your health, money and family: Whether you think it’s possible or not, be prepared for longevity.??

Also on MarketWatch:?

‘I liked that it was a ludicrous if not impossible challenge’: Retiree starts a local newspaper

How to reduce taxes on your Social Security benefits

Here’s the latest Social Security COLA estimate for 2024??

This might be the most expensive thing in your retirement, and it’s not your health

Are you 95 and fit? This ‘厂耻辫别谤础驳别谤蝉’ study wants to hear from you.

Helping vets tackle debt: Retired Army colonel provides financial advice to service members who need it

Student debt is not just for the young. Older adults are also struggling to repay school loans.

My wife and I are 62 and have about $3 million. I think she can retire. ‘How do you know when you have enough money?’

More in retirement news:

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Research and Insight:

Here’s the top country for retirement. Hint: it’s not the U.S. (CBS News)

Housing Expenses Drive Spending Volatility in Retirement (Plansponsor)

The Case to Keep Working Past Retirement Age (叠补谤谤辞苍’蝉)

Most People Think Medicaid Sign-Up Should Be Easier (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

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