The latest markets news from Latin America

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China and the U.S. are testing the limits of global trade

Supply chains and international alliances are being rearranged.

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Procter & Gamble sees more than $2 billion in charges for restructuring and Gillette impairment

P&G expects to book more than $2 billion in charges for a limited restructuring and an impairment relating to Gillette, which it acquired in 2005.

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El Salvador’s president has ‘no intention of selling’ the country’s bitcoin holdings, despite rally

El Salvador’s President says the country’s bitcoin holdings now total over $130 million — up 2.84%, or $3.6 million, since 2021.

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Former U.S. ambassador arrested in Florida, accused of serving as an agent of Cuba

A former American diplomat who served as U.S. ambassador to Bolivia has been arrested in a long-running FBI counterintelligence investigation, accused of secretly serving as an agent of Cuba’s government, The Associated P...

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Smart RMD moves, your 40+ résumé, mixing Social Security and pensions, and more retirement news

Retirement news and analysis

More from Latin America

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Argentina’s populist president-elect Javier Milei tells top Biden officials that he’s committed to freedom

Argentina’s President-elect Javier Milei met Tuesday with senior Biden administration officials at the White House in his first international trip since winning a presidential runoff earlier this month.

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Congress returns to face big to-do list: Israel and Ukraine aid, possible border or tax deals, and more

Both the House and Senate are due to get back to work this week after their Thanksgiving break, and lawmakers have a lot on their plates.

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Meet some of Puerto Rico’s tech pioneers, 20 years later

When the tech landscape was barren, and long before Hurricane Maria shifted the economic axis in late 2017, Christian Gonzales, Carlos Menendez and Alberto Lugo III were Puerto Rico's tech scene.

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Undaunted by hurricanes, pandemic and earthquakes, Puerto Rico is ready for its tech moment

Hurricanes, a pandemic and an earthquake can't stop a swelling tech movement in Puerto Rico. They might have even spurred the movement.

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Argentina’s Milei won his ‘war against the elite.’ Does his victory bode well for Trump in 2024?

The president-elect has praised Trump for not giving "an inch to the socialists."

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