Stocktwits adds options trading to its platform amid market volatility

Experienced investors and those with higher risk appetites are looking to harness market volatility, according to Stocktwits CEO Rishi Khanna

Stocktwits has announced the launch of options trading on its platform.

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Stocktwits, a social platform for investors and traders, has added options trading to the platform as users look to harness market volatility.

The platform announced the launch of options trading and also increased sentiment data Tuesday. “Options trading is at all-time record highs, in terms of volume,” Rishi Khanna,?CEO of Stocktwits, told MarketWatch. “That goes across institutional and retail.”

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He added: “It’s an important tool that we see a lot of our communities constantly talking about.”

The expanded trading execution capabilities will let users to trade options directly within the Stocktwits platform through its subsidiary and broker-dealer, ST Invest. Stocktwits has more than 8 million registered users on its platform.

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Khanna said that investors are preparing for market volatility. “I think there’s a lot of, obviously, trepidation and whatnot around the coming three to six to nine months, from a macroeconomic perspective,” he said, citing the potential for volatility tied to factors such as interest rates and inflation.

“Options are a strong tool that active and more experienced investors can use to trade the volatility,” Khanna added. “It’s meant for more experienced investors or those with higher risk appetites.”